Is it cheaper to Book a Hotel Online or Walk-in when traveling?

Regardless of your travel destination or the duration of the trip, accommodations usually account for a significant percentage of the total travel costs. That is why many travelers are often very keen on finding cheaper accommodation alternatives. While a majority of travelers say booking hotels online is cheaper than walk-in when traveling, there are circumstances that may contradict that theory. Here’s how to determine whether booking hotels online is cheaper than walk-in when on vacation. 

Hotel Rates 

Generally, hotels have different rates or pricing policies. However, many hotels have full standard rates, walk-in rates, and advance booking rates. The standard rates are compliant with the regulations of the industry and, usually posted at the rooms of the hotels. It is the highest amount that hotels can legally charge their customers. The walk-in rate is the rate offered to customers that just show up asking for rooms. During the peak seasons, the walk-in rates are often the same as the full standard rates. 

Advance Booking Rates Vs Walk-in Rates 

The advance booking rates are the prices that guests pay whenever they book hotel rooms online. However, it should also be noted that the advance booking rates vary. For instance, you will find that many hotels offer discounted rates to guests that book directly from their websites. On the other hand, online travel apps like Expedia also offer discounted rates for online hotel bookings. 

One thing about the advance booking rates is that most hotels offer almost similar discounted prices, whether you book directly from their websites or through online travel apps. Walk-in rates, on the other hand, keep fluctuating. Besides, it is also very easy to miss rooms when you plan to book hotels upon arrival at the travel destination. 

Booking a hotel online is not only cheaper than walk-in when traveling but, also very convenient and stress-free.