Unexpected Travel Expenses that You Need to Consider

So, you’ve booked your international trip and you’re now excited about traveling. But, you need to consider the unexpected travel expenses that many people forget to include in their budget. Unexpected travel costs can add up very fast and end up sabotaging your budget. That’s why you should consider them before you start traveling. 

Passport Fees 

Do you have a significantly damaged passport? Is your passport about to expire? You need around $110 to renew a passport. If you’re traveling with a child, set aside around $80 for their passport. You might spend more than this if you want the passport to be expedited. If you think you won’t need your passport, double-check this just to be sure. 


If traveling to Africa, you will spend around $60 on a visa. Add the required photo and this cost will increase by around $10. You may also pay a postage fee for the same. However, you should research your destination carefully to check the visa requirements. That way, you will avoid being slapped with a fee that may compel you to cancel your trip. 

Medications and Vaccinations 

You may be required to be vaccinated against some diseases when traveling to some countries. In some cases, being vaccinated is a requirement for being granted a visa. For instance, you may be required to get a Yellow Fever vaccine when traveling to Ghana. This is a visa requirement in this country. And a Yellow Fever vaccine costs around $125. Therefore, check whether you need any medication or vaccine to enter the country that you’re traveling to. 

Transaction Fees 

Determining the amount that you’re likely to spend on transaction fees when traveling abroad is not easy. However, you can research the terms of your credit card ahead. Get a credit card that won’t charge you transaction fees whenever you want to spend your money abroad. Your current credit card might waive these fees. However, you should look for a card that won’t charge you. 

Other unexpected travel expenses that you should consider include costs for cellular coverage and the purchase of power converters. Research about these expenses and then make proper arrangements to avoid unpleasant surprises.…