Travel Tips for Italy

Italy is one of those destinations that almost everyone dreams of visiting. This is mainly attributed to the vast attractions that it offers including rich history, plenty of food and wine, beautiful architecture and art, spectacular beaches and lush landscapes. Besides, Italy has very unique customs that culture lovers would really love to experience. But, your trip to Italy can be more enjoyable if you have better knowledge about the areas that you will be visiting on the excursion. Here are some travel tips for Italy to help you make the adventure fun and memorable.

Avoid Visiting Italy in Summer

Summer is usually the perfect time for holidays and, it is not any different in Italy. The main reason you should avoid visiting during summer is because of the large crowds experienced at major attraction sites, hotels and even in transport. Besides, the prices also skyrocket during summer, which could cost you a lot. In autumn and spring, the weather is still good and there are no crowds, which also impact lower rates.

Dress Up

Italians are very keen on fashion and, you will realize that when visiting cities like Milan. While you should not pack too many clothes, consider carrying some smart casuals and accessories that are comfortable and fashionable so you do not feel out of place.

Enjoy Mid-Afternoon Naps

Mid-afternoon naps might seem like a waste of time to some travelers. However, it is an important norm in Italy such that most shops close at lunch breaks, especially during summer. The shops can remain closed until around 4pm when people can start shopping again. If you are into mid-afternoon naps, you can schedule other activities to do when the shops close.

Sundays are Special

Sundays in Rome are very interesting. All the museums across the city except the Vatican Museum are free on the first Sunday of every month. Through the city’s eco-Sundays initiative, only eco-friendly cars like electric and hybrid vehicles are allowed to operate, which could make traveling a bit hectic.

Italy has a lot to offer travelers and holiday makers and, with the above tips, you can ensure the best experience.